Events and Conferences Management Systems

Eligible: Students, Faculty & Staff

Availability: 24 Hours, 7 Days

Support: TBD

AKAs: ECMS, EMS, Social Tables, Attend


Coming soon – Events and Conferences Management Systems (ECMS or EMS) is a scheduling system that enables users with meeting and room scheduling, event scheduling, and classroom scheduling. In addition, ECMS also provides a reporting database with utilization statistics real-time to help service providers make informed real estate and facilities decisions.

ECMS allows users to view spaces, search for, and book different types of spaces across multiple buildings and departments. Utilizing a centralized computer-based system, ECMS allows calendar administrators to successfully manage their spaces by enabling control of the ordering, communication, and billing with service providers. In addition, ECMS allows for the customization of space restrictions and flexibility, also enabling end users to request space on the go via their mobile application.


  • Events and Conferences Management Systems (ECMS):
    • Faculty/Staff: Event management personnel and calendar administrators
    • Students: Students provisioned as applicable
  • Social Tables:
    • Faculty/Staff: Event management personnel and calendar administrators
    • Students: N/A
  • Attend (by Event Farm):
    • Faculty/Staff: All faculty/staff automatically provisioned
    • Students: All student automatically provisioned


  • Social Tables: Social Tables is an event-management platform with cloud-based hospitality software that helps properties and planners collaborate. The purpose of social tables within the university environment is to enable calendar administrators to create seating diagrams and plan accordingly for events and large meetings. Working in collaboration with ECMS, Social tables will allow you to plan the details of your event seating and add to the ECMS event registration.
  • Attend (by Event Farm): Attend is an event management and engagement platform that helps teams manage events and interact with attendees.  It allows for customizable event registrations and invitations and has mobile accessibility, in addition to collecting data and providing analytics. Attend makes it easy to streamline your event process, make every guest feel like a VIP and gain real-time relevant data about your attendees to enable smarter conversations. Attend is integrated with Salesforce.


  • No fees are charged for this service. 


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