Middleware and Identity Services
The functional focus of this unit is to enable the integration of systems and applications across the enterprise through a collection of technologies and services. This unit also performs authentication, authorization, and security functions for enterprise-wide applications.

This unit is responsible for:
  • Directory Services: Managing and governing the directory of information about people and non-individual constituents (e.g., clubs) at the University; managing directory groups and users’ memberships to provide role based authorizations to applications; generating email lists; managing directory data access and security.
  • Identity and Access Management: CaneID management; identity consolidation and management; federated identity and access management to grant access to external applications and vice versa; identity roles and application access management; user identity self-service; grant/revoke access to/from applications and systems based on users’ role changes.
  • Application Security: Authentication, authorization, web single sign-on, and security for applications hosted both on premises and in the cloud; application security regulatory compliance and audit reporting.
  • Data Integration: Middleware tools and technologies to enable secure data extraction, translation, and transfer between heterogeneous systems both on premises and cloud-hosted applications.
  • Application Architecture: Enterprise Application architecture best practices and guidance, application development support in .Net, Java, PHP, etc. languages, source code, and version control support.