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UMIT: Give to United Way

Did you know that every unrestricted dollar you give to the United Way is worth $2.51 of help to the community? Take a quick look at how far your contribution can really go:

  • A $10 donation provides 10 hours of after school tutoring.
  • A $20 donation provides a week of meals.
  • A $250 donation allows breast cancer screenings for four people.

Past donations have positively impacted Miami-Dade county. Through donations, the United Way has:

  • Elevated the skills of 2,122 early care and education professionals.
  • Helped more than 8,000 youths participate in programs to improve their academic skills.
  • Enrolled over 10,000 youths in programs to gain skills and knowledge to avoid engaging in risky behavior, like drinking alcohol, smoking, and doing drugs.
  • Provided 16,335 individuals with financial education and counseling over the last six years.
  • Saved 149,992 families nearly $11 million dollars in prescription drug costs since 2008.
  • Ensured that 10,470 older adults received nutritious meals in 2015.    

If you’ve never given before, consider a small payroll deduction. You can designate your donation to various non-profit organizations (a school, church, or any 501(c) non-profit agency), or directly to the University of Miami program, but keep in mind that designated donations are considered restricted, so the United Way does not match them at the $2.51 increase per dollar donation.

You can contribute to the United Way campaign online through Workday (click on the GIVE worklet on the “Home” page) by December 31, 2016. For step-by-step donation instructions, please click here.

Donating a percentage of your salary? To find your salary information online, please log in to Workday, click “View Profile” under your name on the top right-hand side of the webpage, and click “Compensation” on the grey navigation panel. Your salary is listed under “Total Salary & Allowances.”

If you know someone in need or would like more information, please visit the United Way site: Those of you who have already contributed, thank you for showing your support to the University and for transforming lives of those in our community.

Thank you.